02 May

Enabling cloud-based enterprise knowledge-sharing for customer service, IT support, and enterprise-wide collaboration.

RightAnswers is an award-winning, cloud-based knowledge management solution for customer service, IT support, and enterprise-wide collaboration. Coupled with Upland’s exceptional service and technical expertise, this strategic acquisition will continue to deliver efficiency and outstanding value to our customers. RightAnswers will benefit customers across our three product families in the following ways:

  • Digital Engagement: Deliver more personalized digital experiences
  • Project & IT Management: Enable more collaboration and precise execution for project teams, IT & finance departments, and service delivery organizations
  • Workflow Automation: Improve workflow efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness

Why did Upland Acquire RightAnswers?

Upland is committed to providing the most valuable cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions in Project & IT Management, Workflow Automation, and Digital Engagement to our broad customer base. From our dedication to 100% customer success, we will continue to acquire companies that enhance our ability to provide customers the best solutions to achieve their goals.

"We are pleased to welcome RightAnswers and their valued customers and partners to Upland," said Jack McDonald, Chairman and CEO of Upland Software. "This strategic acquisition is a great product addition for current Upland customers looking to enhance their customer service, IT support, and enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities."

"We're excited to join Upland both because of the great product fit, and because of our shared vision of 100% customer success," said Jeff Weinstein, President and CEO of RightAnswers. "The opportunity to leverage the UplandOne operating platform to amplify our product innovation, service, and support make this a great transaction for RightAnswers' customers and partners," said Mark Finkel, Chairman and Founder of RightAnswers.