26 January

Remedyforce Winter '18 will be available soon!

BMC Remedyforce is starting the year with a brand-new release, Winter 18. The new functionalities will increase the usability and productivity of your Staff users, but also the Self-Service users. Here’s what will be coming soon in the Remedyforce Winter ’18 Release.

Please be aware that Safe Harbor statements apply as things could change as BMC is still putting the last details in for this release.

Self Service 3.0

BMC would like to make it as simple as possible for your end users, therefore a lot of effort has been taken around some improvements for the Self-Service portal.

Lookup fields in Self Service

  • Clients can now view multiple fields in a lookup to select the most appropriate record
  • The Category lookup is rendered as a ‘tree’
  • The category search results are also displayed as ‘tree’ view.

Hyperlink support in Self Service 3.0

  • Embedded hyperlinks in Service Request input fields are detected, allowing clients to click on them and visit that specific url.

Self help articles

  • Self help articles are displayed under categories. This will give the client the same experience as Service Requests, but in this case for Knowledge articles. This will provide the client an easier way to search the most relevant article.
  • Articles can now be ordered by “Popularity” or by Title.
  • The popup window with the article can now be maximized to full screen.

View My Assets

  • Now in Self Service 3.0 clients can see the Service and CI’s that are linked/assigned to them in the CMDB
  • The fields that appear can be configured by the administrator
  • Clients can now directly open a new ticket from the selected CI or Service
  • Clients can see their tickets linked to the selected CI or Service


  • The items to approve are now ordered in a timeline
  • The fields that appear in the approval screen can now be configured to provide the approver more specific information.

Request a Service

  • Clients will now see all Requests within the selected category and can drill-down into the Service Requests for a specific category.

Client Profile

  • This will allow clients to upload their picture and to manage their contact details, language settings and much more.

Remedyforce Console

Support for Page Layout Type support. This new function will enable multiple console layouts for the Incidents and Tasks modules.

You can configure the following settings:

  • Assign multiple layouts to different profiles
  • Configure the categories and templates that will be available for each layout
  • Configure the profiles that can edit the fields of the layouts
  • Assign a default layout for a profile

Support for Salesforce Files (Salesforce)

  • Supports attachments up to 2GB in size (today with attachments max. 25MB)
  • Email attachment still will have a max. of 10MB

Beta: Skip Trigger Execution

  • Some customers run into SQL101 errors, when multiple process builder rules run simultaneously (when not 100% correct configured). Now you can include this checkbox, in these scenarios, to prevent some BMC triggers to run and get around the error message.

CMDB Improvements

Managing your CI’s and Assets will become easier. Keeping your CMDB data up to date should be a simple job;

  • Mass change selected rows in the CMDB with the multi-edit page

  • Now you can not only customize your list view for CMDB classes, but with this release you can specify the list view for the relationship tab also.

  • Build more advanced rule-based asset classes with support for "OR", where we previously only had “AND” statement.

  • A default filter is added to control the view to include or exclude inactive records

BMC Discovery

A more enhanced Integration with BMC Discovery (formerly ADDM) is part of this release, but depends on the release of BMC Discovery 11.3 targeted for the first half of 2018.

  • Remove the need for Pentaho with new API-based integration

  • Discovery up to 30+ classes instead of the 6 we have today

  • Discover cloud instances (AWS and Azure)

  • Support for applications

  • Discover and synchronize relationships

Lightning Support

Many customers are moving towards the Salesforce Lightning Experience, therefore in the Winter 18 release for BMC Remedyforce, BMC picked up a project to make sure all Remedyforce functionality works in the new Salesforce Lightning Experience.

  • A first step into Lightning components for those customers who are utilizing Salesforce communities.

    • Request a Service

    • Self Help Articles

    • Submit a ticket; with or without a template linked to this button

Winter 18 is tentatively planned to be released on Feb 12th, 2018. If BMC is able to release Winter 18 on Feb 12th, 2018 according to that plan then Sandbox upgrades will happen on March 2nd, 2018 and Production upgrade will be performed on March 30th, 2018.

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