17 July

Remedyforce Summer 18 is here!

For those of you currently basking in the Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave, which here in The Netherlands has been over 4 weeks of unbroken sunshine with temperatures not seen since the 1970’s (I was too young to remember) I don’t need to tell you that Summer is well and truly here. This should prepare you very well for the sizzling new features included in the BMC Remedyforce Summer 18 release.

This 'HOT' new release is available right now to download from the Salesforce App Exchange to test out in your sandboxes (our best practices are ALWAYS to test a new release in your sandbox first before you upgrade production orgs), or you can add a ‘watch’ to the BMC Remedyforce Release Schedule page.

Some highlights below:

Self Service 3.0 Enhancements

Enhanced Search:  The search box has been moved from the side bar to the main panel allowing more room and includes Broadcasts in the search results.  It also has the option to create a ticket in case the client cannot find what they are looking for

Smart Suggestions have been added to Self Service 3.0

Allow for filtering of Configuration Items/Assets based on Account and Client

Allow clients to export their list of Incidents and Service Requests including those of others if they have the right to manage

Remedyforce Console

Client as Staff restriction in Remedyforce Console

Allow staff to select their preferred landing page within the Console

Allow staff to have more than one list view open within the Console (for example to have both the Incident list and Task list open at the same time)

Remedyforce Console Activity Feed & Email Conversation

We now have the option to reply to all directly from the activity feed.

Add the ability to have all Actions available from Activity Feed

We also have added an icon to identify those actions that are shared with clients via Self Service

Support for sending and viewing Rich Text Emails from Activity Feed

Allow staff to add merge fields into emails

Support for Email Signatures

Service Level Management

Allow for logical grouping of SLA targets (including support for AND, OR, and parenthesis grouping)

As always, if you have any questions on any of the above features please contact your account manager, specialist or our Customer Care Center at InfraVision.