03 October

New secure solution for service desk's user authentication

Do you know that It-security spending was up 16% in 2016? Your customers are looking for solutions to reduce the risk of data breach! Password processes belong to the weak links in the IT protection.

For attackers needing a password, it is easier to call the service desk than to work with advanced hacking technologies. Management must ask if it is possible for an attacker to get a new password from the service desk? To prevent intrusion into the password reset process at the service desk, we need a solution that forces the service desk analysts to adhere to a management-decided process. 

FastPass Facilitated Password Reset (FPR) now offers an innovative and secure solution for companies that want to increase password protection and reduce the risk of data breaches. FPR is a new FastPass module, which you can use to implement a compliant password reset process. The basic principles for a compliant facilitated process are:

• Process decided on by management 
• Process balances cost and security per user group 
• Multiple authentication options available 
• Information used for authentication must include dynamic, contextual data 
• Remove privileged passwords from the service desk 

In a Technology Spotlight, the International Data Corporation (IDC) says, ‘The weak link in any process will always be the one to be exploited. With respect to controlling identities and access, the weak link is the password.’ The weak link in corporate passwords is the password-reset process followed by service desks. In most organizations, service desk agents decide on the user authentication process. 

You can now offer this solution to your customers and clients and use FPR to get attention for a brand-new solution for IT-security and compliance. FPR together with the FastPass Self-service solution requires consulting efforts which together with your margin can make each sale a very attractive business for you.
Contact FastPassCorp to learn how you can increase your business with Facilitated Password Reset.