12 January

New Platform Brings Together Real-Time Endpoint Analytics, End-User Feedback and Endpoint Remediation in One Solution

With this release, Nexthink is now the most advanced platform to date, which for the first time brings endpoint analytics, end-user feedback and endpoint remediation together in one comprehensive solution.

Discover The Most Advanced End-user Management Platform On The Market.

With the addition of automation capabilities, Nexthink Act, enables businesses to not only gain visibility and insights into issues affecting endpoint devices, but also to automatically act on and resolve them – immediately or before they occur. Nexthink Act closes the loop for IT teams looking to offer employees fast, flexible, innovative and secure services while continuously optimizing digital experience in the workplace.

Discover, Engage, Act, Enhance and Integrate From One Single Platform.

  • Nexthink Analytics: To collect, analyze and visualize all information from endpoints in real time.

  • Nexthink Act: To take action on endpoints to improve the user experience and resolve security issues in seconds.

  • Nexthink Engage: To engage in conversations with users when they are experiencing a situation, to gather unique contextual interaction and feedback and send targeted notifications in real time.

  • Nexthink Integrate: To take advantage of certified pre-built integrations with all the most popular tools in the IT ecosystem.

  • Nexthink Enhance: To enhance analytics by comparing discovered data with cloud-based intelligence.