30 October

InfraVision at the 4me CAB 2018

InfraVision accompanied some of their enterprise customers to the 4me Customer Advisory Board (CAB) this year. The location of this year's CAB meeting was Hartwell House in the UK. In this rustic setting, the achievements of 2017 were reviewed with 4me's largest enterprise customers and their largest partner, InfraVision. The customers shared some of the more interesting ways in which they are using 4me to benefit their business.

Like previous CAB meetings, the days were long, but between the many interactive sessions, there were short fun activities to make sure that everyone was able to stay fresh and focused. In the end, though, the customers concluded this meeting by setting a clear direction for 2018. The conclusion of this CAB was that 4me is mature enough to focus on adding "cool stuff" as Cor Winkler Prins described it. There are lots of clever ideas that 4me will be working on to make the service even more intuitive and effective, and to ensure that the specific needs of large multinationals with a focus on SIAM are met. 

When details of these improvements are set and delivered, they will be announced right here, and also at the 4me Blog.

InfraVision already looks forward to the CAB meeting next year.