02 June

Impressions of our Nexthink event at the Tesla factory

InfraVision hosted this week a great event together with Nexthink at the TESLA factory in Tilburg, the car building company that has End-User Experience in its DNA.

You probably think, what do Tesla, Nexthink and InfraVision have in common? It's all about the End User Experience, disruptive technology in the market and efficiency. This visit was completely in line with how Nexthink End-User Experience Management can bring your IT organisation to the next level. It's all about the Service that the End User Experiences.

Maurice van Bladel, CEO of Infravision, started the interactive session with an simple explanation what  Nexthink is about:

“See Nexthink as a X-Ray of your IT environment, we see all details of the customer experience, so your specialist can become the Doctor to analyze and cure” 

After the Tesla Factory tour we started with a great session from Nabil Kukhar, End User Experience & IT Governance Lead at Glencore International. He explained in detail how Glencore achieved many benefits and faced surprising results as part of their POC. He shared their business case and drivers when they started with Nexthink. A great outcome was that the business accepted IT again as crucial part of the business.

This satisfaction was reached based on Pro-Active Problem Management and the After Care that Glencore could easily provide based on the feedback module of Nexthink. This module allows Glencore to check only the impacted users after an issue, or even after roll out of a Change to confirm that the End User is satisfied.

After this great User Story, we provided the group of customers an Executive demonstration of Nexthink End User Experience Management with Use Cases around Pro Active Problem Management, Network insights from the End Perspective, Security, IT Transformation and improved productivity.

During a lovely dinner, we had the opportunity to elaborate on the factory visit, Tesla, use cases of Nexthink, benefits in experience, costs and IT Service Management in general. On top a great opportunity to network with many peers within the IT space.