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DPO PRO seminar 5 March 2018.

On March5th2018 the second DPO PRO seminar takes place in the DigitYser building in Brussels. This DPO PRO seminar is organised by the DPO PRO professionals association and the theme of the day is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). GDPR is highly topical for all EU associations concerned with security and privacy. In this seminar, several experts will shine their light on a great number of various and interesting topics around GDPR.

More in particular, out there one can find a myriad of regulations, trainings, certificates and workshops about the Data Protection Officer, but very few tools are available for the Data Protection Officer so therefore, in the afternoon, vendors will demonstrate their GDPR solutions for the DPO and peers.


In addition to the company specific organisational and technical requirements you must fulfil to become GDPR compliant, there are the registration and audit requirements, which are not company specific. The set of workflow procedures is the same for every company, including the audit and reporting requirements.

To be able to prove compliance with GDPR regulations your company needs to set up an extensive amount of workflow procedures regarding the protection of the rights of the Data Subject and regarding the Controller and Processor(s) of personal data. These workflow procedures must have a full audit trail and they need to be accessible for your Data Protection Officer, in a secured environment. You also need to be able to report on these workflow procedures.

Based on that, InfraVision has developed a full set of the required workflow procedures for GDPR and configured these workflows as templates in 4me. By adopting this solution you will save an extensive amount of time and money in adopting GDPR for your company. The solution consists of 20+ workflow procedures, documented on paper and configured as templates in 4me and is offered as a Saas package. It can be easily set up in your existing 4me environment, as well as specifically for this purpose solely in a dedicated 4me environment for GDPR only.

InfraVision will host a number of demo sessions throughout the afternoon to give the participants in this seminar a good view on our solution.


The DPO PRO seminar takes place in 'the DigitYser Building' in Brussels. The opening of the day is at 8.00am and the seminar closes at 20.00 pm. You can find the complete program on www.digityser.org in the events section of March 2018.

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