12 February

BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Release!

It’s time for some new functionality and enhancements for BMC Remedyforce. Starting on February 11 the BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Self Upgrade option will be available to download from the Salesforce App Exchange. The automated deployment for your production environment is scheduled for 22 March. As release dates always can change, keep an eye on the release page (

In case you have any questions or are in a need to have some guidance feel free to reach out to us at

Quickviews New look and feel

As of 2020, Adobe Flash is no longer supported and it will come to its "end of life"; however, many modern browsers are already disabling Flash by default and making it hard and harder to enable.  To that end we are moving to a new charting technology called Highcharts.  This will give customers a broader range of charts to choose from, in addition to being able to export and change viewing values on 3D charts.

Remedyforce Console Filtering

With the advancement of the Salesforce Metadata API, we're hoping to give you a more "Excel" like experience by building out filtering per column within the Remedyforce Console.   With this add on filtering and searching per column is now available.

Remedyforce CMDB UI/UX

As part of some survey that you received BMC has been doing a lot of research, working with customers and it’s time for us to bring our CMDB user interface and experience into the modern world.  The new look and feel of the CMDB is now inline with the look and feel of the console.

Remedyforce Self Service 3.0

BMC realize the importance of providing complete information of records to approvers. Enhancements have been planned to enable approvers to view all record details, including attachments. In addition, a setting for pending approvals to just Remedyforce records has been added. This will reduce the long list for existing Salesforce customers.

 Also for self-service we finally can over different views creation of viewing tickets. On create, we don’t have to show fields like ‘Resolution’ anymore. And finally, the ability to save service requests as drafts. Clients can reopen the drafts and submit them.

Service Target Reporting

BMC is introducing a job that will run each hour to keep all records updated at that point in time. In this job new calculation for Waiting time, time remaining and time elapsed will be created. This values can be useful in reporting.

JavaScript Buttons

While this isn't really a feature, it's a fundamental change we've had to make for Remedyforce based on feedback from Salesforce.  If you are using Salesforce standard pages, these changes will impact you as Salesforce is no longer supporting managed code for JavaScript buttons. To that end, the buttons will now actually load a Visualforce page which will, in turn, launch the corresponding JavaScript. 

Salesforce Mobile App

As of now, we did not yet provide the functionally to track the ticket creation from Mobile in the source field. This logic is now available.

Remedyforce Utilization

Remedyforce Utilization was launched as Beta in a recent release. This would provide you and your management a better indication for the usages of all the functionality that Remedyforce has to offer. There are a few new KPIs on the incident management process. We may also provide benchmark data from other customers so that customers may see where they stand relative to others.

Chat with Remedyforce Support

Part of this BMC chapter is to introduce a new feature that will allow Remedyforce Administrators to initiate a chat with Remedyforce Support when a support team member is available.  The pilot will be initially open to new customers (within the last two years) and who are in North America.  Once we get some data on the success of the program, we'll look at opening this up to all customers.  Be aware that to participate you'll need to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager who will nominate you.  You'll additionally be required to grant access to BMC Support as there are private custom settings that control this feature that must be enabled.

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