16 August

BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19!

We are pleased to announce that the BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 19 release is now generally available. We are excited to announce several capabilities in this release.

We continue to build the capabilities of our chatbot offering with omnichannel support as well as support for other languages. There is more to cognitive service management than just our chatbot. Using the Helix Cognitive Service and your historical data, auto categorization automatically categorizes incidents that do not have a category.

Our CMDB user experience modernization journey continues. We are delivering some more of your high-priority asks from last year's survey. Having complete information of events on the incident along with passing incident information back to TrueSight makes a more complete ITOM integration story. Field Source Priority maintains the integrity of your configuration management data by preventing unwanted updates. By introducing cloud tags, we are leveraging BMC Discovery's ability to discover additional data associated with cloud instances.

After the Winter 19 release, we received great feedback about the new message scrolling interface for broadcasts in Self Service and how clients loved it. In this release, we have extended the interface to the Console as well so that your staff can focus on whatever they are doing on the Console without being distracted by the scrolling broadcasts. And yes, with the new message scroll, they still see the broadcasts. The ability to print was sorely missing on Lightning Experience, wasn't it? Not anymore. With Request Definition Entitlement for Staff, you can have multiple service desk teams work on the Console without being able to access each other's service request definitions.

In Self Service, we are introducing Dynamic Field Rendering which will simplify your incident forms. Service request forms can now display fields in two columns, which reduces scrolling, especially on long forms. We want to let you know that we are listening to you by delivering the top-voted ideas in improving the service catalog experience.

For a complete list of the capabilities of the release click here.

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