01 February

Automation Rules are a great new feature in 4me.

With Automation Rules you can automatically update change tasks and project tasks when specific conditions (set in the automation rule) have been met. 4 me also allows you to add automation rules to task templates, change templates and project templates. You will be able to more easily build conditional workflows in 4me, without using webhooks or custom coding.

Hands on training

To allow you to get more familiar with Automation Rules, InfraVision has set up a one-day hands-on training that introduces you to the do’s and don’ts of Automation Rules. The training is a combination of explaining the functionality of Automation Rules and what you can achieve with them, but also creating hands-on examples.

The training will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview of Automation Rules
  2. Explanation Automation Rule Fields
  3. Automation Rule Operators
  4. Creating Automation Rules
  5. Using UI Extensions with Automation Rules


Intended Audience

This training is intended for people who create the Change Templates and Task Templates or Project Templates in 4me. (Change Manager, Project Manager and/or Account Administrators). After this training, you will have an understanding of the functionality of Automation Rules and you will be able to create, change and maintain basic Automation Rules in your 4me environment. As a prerequisite, it is convenient that you have a basic understanding of creating Change -, Task and/or Project Templates.

Place and Time

The training will take place in the offices of InfraVision in the Netherlands or in Belgium.

InfraVision BV
Weide 6

InfraVision BVBA
Terbekehofdreef 24

On request it is possible to deliver this training as an in-house training. 
The training will start at 09.30 and will end at 16.30.


The pricing for this training will be € 595,00 per participant. Pricing will include training material, coffee, tea and lunch. You can subscribe to this training by sending an e-mail to info@infravision.com. In close cooperation with the participants, we will plan a training date that will suit you all.