13 March

4me as course scheduling platform.

At Van Roey Group they take pride in “Building with People”. People are a main asset of Van Roey and they put great effort in keeping their staff qualified and trained for the job. Not only because they have to from a certification and safety perspective, but also because they believe they deliver stronger quality to their customers with well-educated and trained people.

Business Challenge

With over 750 employees, Van Roey Group can be considered a major player in the Belgian Building and Construction Industry. To be able to perform their work according to the quality and safety standards and regulations, Van Roey needs to constantly train and educate their employees. Especially from a safety certification point of view they also need to keep specific records of their employees to provide evidence on who followed which training and with which result. A quite extensive job with the number of employees involved.

Solution Building

Van Roey Group already used 4me as their IT Service Management platform and for time tracking. Being excited about the ease of use and the flexibility of 4me, they decided to explore the broad possibilities of 4me beyond IT together with InfraVision.

After discussing the business challenge with InfraVision, both companies had some extensive sessions with subject matter experts to discover all requirements involved in the solution.

Based on these requirements InfraVision consultants were able to create a full blown Course Scheduling Platform within the standard functionality of 4me. The implemented solution offers all functionality needed to offer and maintain a Training Catalog, to manage the subscription to trainings for individuals and to register training results of the participants, including feedback.

Training Catalog

The solution offers training coordinators to:

  • Prepare the training packages, involving the various actors in the process
  • Manage the preparation and roll-out of the training sessions
  • Manage the training catalog, define the audience per training package and manage their access to the training requests and to the training material

Subscription Module

The Course Scheduling Platform also provides a complete subscription module to subscribe to the offered training packages.

The module offers the following functionality:

  • Have employees subscribe to their training session of choice including changing their session of choice

  • Automatically manage the subscription window per session

  • Manage the maximum number of participants

  • Automatically manage the available slots per training session
  • Keep track of the demand for additional sessions
  • Add training prerequisites and follow up on the participant’s compliance with the prerequisites
  • Distinguish between open training and training that need management approval
  • Coordinate the training sessions and inform the participants pro-actively if appropriate
  • Collect training attendance information
  • Send out quality surveys and collect the individual feedback of each participant
  • Report on training quality
  • Conclude training sessions including lessons learned and improvement suggestions
  • The specific training session workflows can easily be adapted as per the specific training session needs.

The 4me Course Scheduling Platform automates training curricula, integrating the activities of all actors when it comes to planning, preparation, subscription, coordination and completion of training sessions and training packages.

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