ESAS, the Benelux leading IoT Service Provider

ESAS was founded in 2000 as a pure field services organization. By 2016, they have become the market leader of IoT/ICT services in Benelux, with more than 1000 own service engineers and more than 15000 on-site service visits per working day.

The portfolio of Esas encompasses Field Services, Remote Services, Outsourcing, Automation and Software. They are currently continuing to invest in their customers’ IoT/ICT service management by working on strengthening their internal structure and standardizing the range of services on offer.

Standardizing to drive the growth

In the past,  Esas was using a rather diverse tooling landscape, this was a historical evolution due to the permanent growth by the acquisition of new customers and other service providers.

By early 2015, the Esas management had decided to take on a strategy of standardization, in order to streamline and simplify the service delivery, and to really prepare themselves for the planned growth. The tooling landscape plays an extremely important role in the highly automated service delivery, and it was necessary to have tools that are able to drive the growth, rather than just support the growth. Thus,  tools that convince prospects in the sales trajectory by their innovativeness and genious.

Daniel Van Hove, Chief Commercial Officer: “ESAS is known for its continuous and disruptive service innovation brought by Service Cruiser. We expect the same cutting edge innovation from our software tooling providers.”

Especially for the Remote Services, there was a strong need for a state of the art service management solution, because first of all, Esas wanted to be able to offer an attractive own solution to new customers for Remote Services, and wanted to reduce the dependency on proprietary customer tools. This solution had to be easy to set up, with as little as possible implementation and maintenance effort. It had to be capable to serve multiple customers in a fully multi-tenant structure, with a high level of security and data segregation. In order to offer the customers a true business oriented service catalogue and a delightful user experience, the solution had to be completely service oriented, with a configurable self-service portal, and with strong focus on request fulfilment automation to speed up the fulfilment cycle, and to increase the predictability for the customers. More over, the performance of the user interface had to be excellent to drive user delight and efficiency.

Esas also decided to go for a cloud based solution, which had to be fully scalable and 100% pay per use based, to reduce the investment and to prepare for rapid onboarding of new contracts and customers. 

Esas also emphasized best practice out of the box integrated service support processes in their requirements, in order to fully benefit from the experience of other service organizations.

Finally, it was mandatory to be able to fully integrate the service management solution in the strategic tooling landscape of Esas, including the Esas field fully automated service operations cloud based software Service Cruiser. Nonetheless, for non-volume contracts, the service management solution had to be capable to cover the request lifecycle end to end, including field services and logistics.

After a thorough selection trajectory, including a Proof Of Concept specifically for the field services and logistics requirements, 4me clearly fulfilled all requirements, and stood out from the competition. The decision for 4me as primary Service Management solution with an end-to-end request processing capability was finally a no-brainer.

InfraVision played a meaningful advisory role in the selection process, by assisting Esas with the selection methodology, and by their relentless drive for transparency in the proof of the capabilities of 4me and the competitor tool landscape.
Robert Decant, CEO:  "InfraVision’s strategy framework made sure that we selected the service desk tooling best fitted for ESAS’ needs. At the tooling side, we have been convinced by the very complete functionality in 4me, the scalability, and the multi tenancy. Looking at InfraVision as our partner, we have been equally persuaded by the business and ITSM knowledge of the InfraVision team, reinforced with their involvement, drive, objectivity, pragmatism and professionalism. The InfraVision team has definitely a strong and positive interaction with our teams. And importantly, the pricing of the complete solution was also very competitive and correct. Moreover we see the partnership between Infravision, 4me and ESAS Service Cruiser further evolving in the future!”


Once Esas had chosen 4me as the primary Service Management solution, the implementation scope and approach were commonly agreed with InfraVision.
Esas and InfraVision set up an ambitious implementation plan for one of Esas’ more complex combined Remote Services and Field Services contracts.
This to definitely cover the complete set of requirements. A successful project would open the door towards the extension for all types of similar contracts.

The implementation started end of August 2015, to go live early November 2015. Here too, InfraVision demonstrated that speed of implementation goes hand in hand with high quality standards and full delivery on the promises.
The smooth Go live clearly proved that Esas had made the right choice, for the solution 4me, as well as for the implementation and support partner InfraVision.
Marc Pieters, Project Manager Esas: “ESAS expects that the project is within the specifications, budget and agreed timeline as our customers expect from us. InfraVision made this happen. ”

Shortly after, Esas has started the expansion of the use of 4me to other contracts. And what’s nice, Esas can do the majority of the configuration by themselves, and only relies on the support and advice of InfraVision for the more advanced functionalities of 4me. It has always been the commitment of InfraVision towards Esas to make Esas self-sufficient for the majority of configuration activities of 4me. And this works very well.

“Thanks to the implementation of 4me, we have significantly reduced our e-mail and Excel usage. In addition to this, we have improved our reporting based on the 4me database. Our primary goal now is to onboard more customers in 4me”, says Tom Van der Aa, Remote services and internal IT manager.

Boosting efficiency and service quality

Esas, and Esas’ customers, clearly grasp the benefits of the new way of working in 4me: for the initial Go-live scope, the initial customer request information gets automatically inserted into the 4me request via the 4me REST-API’s, which drastically boosts the efficiency of the Esas service desk and dispatching centre, and ensures the quality of the information. When the requests are completed by the field organization, the customer gets an automatic full report of the result of the intervention that is stored in his datawarehouse.
More over, the field engineers can access, update and complete their requests in real time via their smartphone, or via their PC, as they prefer. Consequently, the SLA information in the request is up to date, and the customers get to see undisputable timestamps for the resolution of their request.

And last but not least, the Esas management has real time access to the ITRP dashboards, and to management reports. This enables them to pro-actively control the quality and efficiency of the remote service delivery.
“We really see the benefits of using 4me, not in the least because of the standardization of workflows, for which we are self-sufficient after a limited training. Moreover, 4me gives us effective operational and managerial insights”, says Robert Decant.

Going beyond IT

As Esas is delighted about the capabilities of 4me, and about the true partnership spirit of InfraVision, they have decided to further expand the use of 4me beyond their customer contracts. 4me will be implemented for the ESAS internal IT, for fleet and for HR request management in the near future.

Tom Van der Aa: “It’s all about standardization and processes! As we grow continuously, ESAS also needed a structured way of working in ITSM tooling and this offered by the implementation of 4me.  On top of that, the tool is also fully supporting our mission for maximum customer experience with user friendly interfaces! We are really happy because 4me is easy to use for our technicians as well as for the backoffice dispatching team, due to its simplicity. Also customers can step in easily due to the ease of use of the customer portal. And we feel confident about the partnership with InfraVision, which is characterized by flexibility, commitment on delivery, and speed in resolving incidents. The cooperation is really excellent!

Robert Decant: “We also really look forward in expanding the interaction and interfacing between 4me and IoT monitoring devices and machine learning”.

Customer’s Final Words

Bavo De Cock, Chief Business Officer: “Thanks to 4me and InfraVision, ESAS succeeds to manage the continuous growth in the remote service desk area in internal and external requests with increasing quality and efficiency gains” 

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