24 May

What do these companies have in common?

RightAnswers would like to congratulate all the winners of the Service Management awards at the Fusion15 conference, held this month in New Orleans:

  • Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Award – Paychex
  • Service Improvement Award – Spectrum Health
  • itSMF Project of the Year Award – Coca-Cola

These companies have all made great strides to take the performance of their service and support operations to new and exciting levels. At first glance, these business do not have much in common, but when you dig into their teams’ philosophies you can see that they all actively implement change so they can be leaders in customer service.

Incorporating change is a tough process, as it forces everyone to acknowledge what isn’t working or what needs to be optimized to achieve great things. Once the commitment to proactively pursuing change and implementing those changes becomes part of the culture, then the sky’s the limit.

Another thing these companies have in common is that they are RightAnswers clients and are using RightAnswers as a key element in their support and service initiatives. There is so much that goes into client operations to be successful and our solution is only a piece to the puzzle. But when deployed, our knowledge management solution quickly becomes a key element in the team’s resolution infrastructure. Moreover, we look to our clients as partners and enjoy engaging with them to discuss how to use our solution to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s initiatives. I am fortunate to be able to say that I know our clients feel the same way about us – that they value our partnership and that the frequent exchanges on new approaches, best practices and strategies to increase effectiveness are extremely valuable to everyone.

It always feels good to see RightAnswers's clients recognized for the great work they are doing every day. We know the challenges of incorporating change into an existing environment, whether it’s in new processes, technologies or relationships with your customers. But to attain new levels of success, change is necessary. Great success is around the corner for everyone to achieve if they embrace the need to incorporate change.