What xMatters offers

xMatters is an intelligent communications platform that connects insights from any system to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes. xMatters integrates with your business solutions and enables you to stay abreast of any notification, whether it’s a major incident handled by IT or a manufacturing line slow-down requiring attention from the on-duty manager. xMatters ensures that the appropriate individuals and groups for any situation are identified, notified, and are taking action. To close the loop, xMatters manages and drives forward the underlying workflow from originating systems.

Reduce MTTR with Targeted Communications.

Automated but flexible, the xMatters platform puts you in control to resolve incidents fast. Communicate across the enterprise to targeted individuals and groups through any channel from text to email to in-app, always on the preferred device.

Bring Control to Chaos.

Tailor emergency communications to your business. Efficiently create situation-specific messages to communicate with resolvers as well as those affected by any type of critical situation. Connect with the right experts immediately to resolve critical IT incidents and lead people to safety during physical emergencies such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Stay One Step Ahead when Effective Communication Matters.

xMatters cuts through the noise of day-to-day operations to deliver customized messages to the right individuals. Connect with Active Directory, HR systems, and service desks to target individuals belonging to the appropriate departments, groups, reporting structures, or even customer segments without the hassle of managing distribution lists.

The Internet of Things is Calling.

Will You Pick Up? Today’s fully connected world produces data at unprecedented, even overwhelming levels of volume, variety, and velocity. xMatters rules and triggers allow you to make sense of information so you can engage the appropriate stakeholders.

Silver bullets xMatters

  1. Target two way communication throughout the enterprise.
  2. Cloud flexibility with enterprise strength.
  3. Drag and drop interaction designer.
  4. Anytime, anywhere on any device.
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