What the InfraVision Integration Service offers

Your Service Management system is not a stand-alone product. You want to import base data like customers, locations and inventory. You also want to interact with external systems of internal and external partners to automate workflows as much as possible.

Each system has its own datamodel and uses a specific communication protocol and authentication mechanism. There are so many variations that standard integrations are rarely really standard. Almost every integration requires some custom functionality. That is why InfraVision developed their own integration platform.

The InfraVision Integration platform combines standard components for reusability and a powerful coding engine for flexibility. The platform is based on Ruby, an open source object-oriented programming language.

We have built modules to easily connect to our service management solutions. We also offer standard connectors to common external systems and data sources that are easily extendable. This enables us to create integrations with minimal effort. Every time we build something custom, we look at how we could translate this in standard functionality for our platform. This means that the service is continuously improved and extended.

Ruby is lightweight and open source so there is no need for expensive software licenses or powerful backend systems. The service can be offered as a true cloud solution, but can also run in your own network depending on your security policy.

We offer the Integration Service as a fully managed service. We keep the platform up do date and in sync with new releases of our service management solutions.

Silver bullets InfraVision Integration Service

  1. Integrations as a fully managed service.
  2. Lightweight and fast.
  3. Quickly develop and deploy custom functionality.
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