What FastPass offers

FastPass helps your end users to automatically and securely reset and unlock their password for their Windows account, as well as for their access to SAP, to Oracle, to Lotus Notes, Pointsec and almost any other system. It permanently reduces password calls to the service desk by more than 90%!

With internal IT cost for password calls agreed to be in the range of 10-25€ for the service desk, the savings for the IT-department are obvious. In addition, users have less downtime, they get automated support inside and outside business hours, and IT-security is strengthened.

The solution itself can be installed on premise or can be cloud based, and is 100% secure. All traffic is encrypted via SSL, and Fastpass provides the authentication methods that meet your security demands. Strong authentication is a layered authentication approach relying on two or more authenticators to verify the identity of an originator or receiver of information. In addition, any attempts to misuse the Password Manager to gain access to another user's password generate alerts.

Synchronization to other target systems, and integration with Single Sign-On platforms can be included in the configuration. When users only have one password to remember, they are more likely to remember this. It further increases end-user satisfaction and productivity.

Fastpass enables end-users to securely receive a new password, anytime, anywhere, even when they have forgotten the password or when the password is locked on the operating system they’re using. This is a very straightforward way to lift the customer experience to a higher level, with minimal investments. 

Silver bullets FastPass

  1. Enrollment of users.
  2. Self-service for all passwords – not only Windows/AD.
  3. Access from PC as well as mobile devices (BYOD).
  4. Free choice of authentication – when authenticating.
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