"xMatters is much faster to deploy and use. We had it up in a matter of days, versus months". Hani Sasani, Senior Programme Manager Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone is a UK headquartered multinational communications service provider. Founded in 1985, the company now boasts more than 400 million customers
around the world. Vodafone operates in 30 countries and partners with networks in an additional 50. As well as mobility products, Vodafone’s unique
capabilities include integrated fixed and mobile networks, cloud-based hosting platforms, machine to machine solutions, technical expertise and professional

Vodafone has grown into one of the world’s most valuable and most recognized brands in just 30 years, and it’s not by accident. Vodafone has achieved this by taking care of its customers.


Millions of customers rely on Vodafone for their communications and entertainment needs, so when any of its services go down, restoring service quickly is critical. In the past, the company’s major incident processes were not always up to the task. The company uses Remedy for ticketing, and incident resolution teams found themselves taking manual steps like copying incident information from Remedy, and pasting it into emails or SMS messages. Besides
slowing the process down, this manual approach left a large margin of potential for error and or security issues such as sending sensitive details to the wrong parties or inadvertent display of mail recipients that should have been masked.

The company also occasionally failed targets to inform customers on-time about service outages, and in complex scenarios proactive notifications failed to reach the right target audience. “We knew we had to proactively communicate to key stakeholders before customers knew,” says Hani Sasani, Senior Programme Manager at Vodafone Global Enterprise, a division of Vodafone Group with 1,700 enterprise customers. “The goal is always increasing
customer satisfaction.”


When Vodafone implemented xMatters, it also took advantage of xMatters’ closed-loop integration with Remedy. Now when someone opens a P1 major incident, a notification ticket is automatically created from Remedy. Through the xMatters Integrated Properties feature, information from the P1 ticket is pulled from Remedy into xMatters. Through this integration, notifications always include the specific details required for each intended audience. With targeted, contextual notifications completely automated, the resolution teams no longer have the burden of manual communications to slow them down. Message recipients receive incident communications much faster, more consistently and more efficiently. Meanwhile, Vodafone executives and customers can access self-service subscriptions to ensure they automatically receive proactive notifications of progress toward resolution for the services, incident categories or
locations that matter most to them. Some 4500 business clients now receive proactive alerts and updates during incidents- reinforcing a culture of transparency and dramatically increasing customer satisfaction.


Vodafone incident managers now have global tickets assigned in just minutes from anywhere, reducing outage times. In fact, Vodafone frequently resolves issues before they become incidents. Proactive notifications keep Vodafone teams and clients aware of issues from the moment they occur as well as progress throughout the resolution process. Meanwhile, customers receive notifications based on their subscriptions to alerts. Fewer outages, shorter durations, and more proactive communication have resulted in higher service satisfaction, reinforced a culture of transparency and ultimately produced longer average customer subscriptions.

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