13 February

Meet EU GDPR requirements with Bomgar!

With the fast-approaching enforcement of GDPR going into effect 25 May 2018, organisations need to be prepared to meet the new standards to maintain data privacy.

Bomgar’s solutions have always focused on security at the heart of their design. This ensures that every remote access connection made by our customers—whether a privileged user connecting to a critical system or device or a help desk connecting to an end-user’s system—is secure, protecting critical systems and data and helping organisations meet the GDPR requirements.
So how can your organisation comply with these new requirements? Here’s a good place to start:
  • Identify What Data You Hold – Obtain a full picture of all relevant data in order to implement necessary changes to ensure they are compliant.
  • Review Employee Training – GDPR will require organisations to be able to provide evidence of their compliance, making training a critical component.
  • Consider Your Supply Chain – Determine who else has access to your data in addition to your employees.
  • Control and Monitor All Access to Your Data – Ensure that personal data is not made accessible to those who do not need it, and manage what people who have authorized access can and can’t do with the data.


For more details about who GDPR applies to, and how Bomgar’s solutions can help you meet the new regulations, click here.