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Training & Certification

At InfraVision we want to make a difference to your career. We are dedicated to IT service management and providing you with genuine skills to help you meet your career goals. Our service management trainings include ITIL, VeriSM, ISO20000, SIAM, OBASHI, COBIT and Business Relationship Management courses that are fully accredited and optimised for online learning.

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Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Modern service organizations no longer provide all services to their customers themselves. Services are outsourced to internal and external partners for optimal functionality, quality or costs. So the role of service provider (partly) shifts to service broker, coordinating services and support from various suppliers. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) focuses on managing these suppliers to ensure the delivery of end-to-end services to your customers. The graph shows in which proportion a SIAM project contributes to the 5 value drivers.

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Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)

Knowledge Centered Service is the methodology that explains how to embed demand-driven knowledge creation and maintenance into the process of interacting with customers, it also helps you preparing the required organizational and cultural changes that belong to effective knowledge management. Measuring performance and customer success are also key elements of the methodology. The graph shows in which proportion a KCS project contributes to the 5 value drivers.

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Secure Access & Collaboration (Security)

Within Secure Access & Collaboration InfraVision offers solutions to help you work safely together with both internal as external suppliers and with your customers in supporting the services of your service organization. The ability to trace and record actions is essential. The graph shows in which proportion a project in the area of Secure Access & Collaboration contributes to the 5 value drivers.

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Service Management

Service Management is the art of aligning what you deliver to what your customers need in an efficient, effective, secure and consistent manner. Effective and proven processes help you optimizing your effort while maximizing the added value for your customers. The graph shows in which proportion a service management project contributes to the 5 value drivers.

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Who we are


InfraVision is the service management specialist who helps ambitious service organizations to become an indispensable partner to their customers.


InfraVision employs talented, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial colleagues. Are you ready for a new step in your career?

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